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How to automatically look up another list when a form opens

Question asked by on Dec 3, 2015
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We’re moving from an on-premise SP2010 and InfoPath forms environment to using SP365 with Nintex Forms, but I’m struggling to do certain things in Nintex that I can easily do in InfoPath.


I often use Data Connections in InfoPath to get items from others lists on the SP site and I use that information to control what gets displayed on the form.  For example, on Form Load I query the current username against a different list and if there is a row in that list for the user, then it displays/hides sections on the form and displays a value from a different column on the list that was looked up.


With Nintex, I’m presuming I need to use JavaScript to do this list lookup in the forms 'Custom JavaScript' section, using the  NWF$('document').ready(function() function.  Does that sound right?


I’m struggling to work out how to do the lookup though – can anyone give me a point in the right direction please?


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