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Build String does not Line Break

Question asked by toexelchen on Dec 2, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2015 by toexelchen

Hi Community.


I've encountered a little issue. We are using SP2013 to enter things to discuss in our Team Meetings. After each Meeting we create a word document, using the SP list as source. When doing this, the result is not optimal. <br> </br> or <p> </p> will not be saved into our variable. <DIV> </DIV> on the other Hand will be. Due to this issue, the resulting word document is not "easy on the eye".


Instead of this (when using </br> or </p> for Line Break:


Beware, this is a testentry.


Please delete this entry.



It'll end up like this:

TestentryBeware, this is a testentryPlease delete this entry.


If I use this:



         <div>-Some Text One&#160;</div>


        <div>-Some Text Two&#160;</div>



Any idea what went wrong?