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Nintex Form after been idle for a few minutes (>10 mins), the changes are lost when try to submit/save

Question asked by lojncn on Dec 2, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2016 by pfudala



User reported a behavior that if the Nintex Form was left idle for some time (> 10 mins), the changes user entered on the form but not saved will be lost when user came back to form to click save button.


The sequence of user actions are

1. Edit Properties

2. Change Document Title

3. Doing nothing, and leave the form idle for 10 mins

4. Came back to the form, click 'Save' button


Now, instead of saving changes and close form, the form will refresh and remain open after been refreshed, but the changes will be lost.


Wonder if it is normal? any way to avoid it, as users not always complete the document properties at once, they would like leave the form open?


(Testing with a very simple Nintex Form in SharePoint 2013 env)