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How to clear the field when we edit the item and remove few names in a multiselection dropdown?

Question asked by janardhan on Dec 4, 2015

Hello Guys,


When the names are adding to the fields they are adding fine, but when we edit the form and remove the names they are appending to the previous data.

i.e; if we remove test11 and test12 this is getting removed. But by the time Test1 and Test10 is appending to the Names in the field.



1. To overcome this I have tried to set the field value to be blank before starting the workflow. This is clearing the field but the previous values are again      adding to the field.

2.And also I have placed this action in different places but I could not find any result.

3.Even I have tried to make empty the workflow variables after updating the field, I couldn’t find any change in the field.

     I have made another workflow for only for making empty when this is modifying, but I couldn’t find any result.




Can you please suggest me how can I overcome this issue?