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How can we monitor Nintex Services status in quasi real-time ?

Question asked by sharepointfrancois on Dec 4, 2015
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I guess this thread is going to be an open question to Nintex employees actually. Sorry to post here but I believe it will benefit all Nintex users, rather than sending a one-to-one message to my regional partner contact.


As you know yesterday 5th November 2015 after 3pm GMT, Nintex Forms for Office 365 had an issue and as a consequence no forms could load up.

One of my developers reported me the issue and I checked  and nothing was reported.

We therefore checked 2 different tenants that we have accessed to and confirmed that it was not an isolated case, so we then email and actually got a response within minute informing us that they were aware of an issue and currently investigating.


So the question I would like to put in the open is simple:

How do we know if all Nintex services are up and running ?


Clearly the site  is not quite dynamic since it was all showing green when Forms should have ben in red. (one would think there is a http request regularly making a call to a web services and displaying the RAG depending on the response)

also we usually check on Twitter to see if others are reporting issues and I noticed that NintexSupport twitter account is not posting very often, at least not when major incident.


Thank you in advance for the information,