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Creating a "Set values and Save" button on a form

Question asked by colin_e on Dec 2, 2015
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I have a workflow that centres on a large form with about 50 fields. Some of those are hidden when the item is being created, but from then on they are all visible for tracking.


I'm finding that users get confused about which fields are "progress" values that will move the workflow on at critical points, and which aren't. I have highlighted these values in the form using a different label colour but people are still getting confused. They change other values (ones the workflow isn't waiting for) and wonder why nothing happens...


I could try making the form context-aware so it only highlights the currently wait-critical field, but that's a lot of work, especially for a workflow that is not a nice simple linear sequence of steps.


I think a large part of the problem is that users associate most of the control types on a form (text fields, people pickers etc.) with just "setting values", whereas they associate only links and buttons with "make something happen".


So, i'd like to experiment with creating a button for each progress point so that instead of (say)-


  1. The user sets the "approval state" choice field to "approved"
  2. The user hits the Save button


There is a single "Approved" button that does both the above actions, via Javascript.


This doesn't sound like that unusual an idea. I presume the difficulty is going to depend on what the type of the data field is, some of the field types still have a horrible API for getting/setting their value.


Has anyone done this already, and if so could you share the button JS code?


Thanks in advance-