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if function in lookup control filter

Question asked by on Nov 30, 2015
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So, I'm trying to do something that seems logically like it should work.  However, nintex forms doesn't seem to be working as I think it should.


So, I have a lookup control.  It's looking up to a list that could potentially have more than 10,000 items.  Therefore, filtering to make sure the right selections are available is essential.


I need the control to filter to the current value if it's already set.  If the field value is currently empty, I want to pull a querystring value and filter by that. 


So, seems pretty simple - use inline function if, check to see if the field isNullOrEmpty.  If it is null, get the query string.  If not null, filter to current value. 


But, it's not working.  I'm getting a constant error on the evaluation of the functions. 


Any ideas what's going on?