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Error Viewing Workflow Status of an item

Question asked by mickmcg92 on Nov 30, 2015
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Good Morning,


I've found "Log In History List" a great way to find errors in my workflows when the occur.

However I have recently been getting an error while trying to view this information but only on one site.


I am going into my list and clicking on the item I want to see the workflow status of

I click to select it then click "Items" under "Item Tools" and select "Workflows"

Each Item has two workflows on it but when I click on either of them I get an error:


An unexpected error has occurred.


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Correlation ID: 7a5593ed-4358-4a89-b5ce-9da8c3d2d379

Date and Time: 30/11/2015 08:40:23


This is the same for every Item in every list for every workflow in the site. Leading me to belive that its a site setting or something I have overlooked


However if I go into the history list via  "Manage History Lists" I can see all the status data.

The URL on the error code "WrkStat.aspx?List={37D64405-270E-4687-A85F-5C3734F2819E}&WorkflowInstanceID={E185CBBB-AD28-4D18-BE65-D99EE3FD63C1}"

Lines up with the record in the History List.


Please could somebody help me to fix this?


Please let me know if I have missed out any information.


Many Thanks in advance