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Nintex Form bug or my bad design?! -Managed Metadata Fields

Question asked by darren1372 on Nov 26, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2015 by darren1372

I've come across some wierd behaviour this afternoon regarding Managed Metadata Columns (not them again!) and NIntex Forms.

What is happening is that when I disable the fields in the form, so only users can view the values, when I edit and save the form, those Manged Metadata

fields included on the form get their values wiped out. I thought it was just viewing them in the form but they had dissapeared completely -not visilbe in the view of the library. Other Managed Metadata fields that are not on the form/thus not disabled keep their values, are visible in the list


When I enable the Managed Metadata fields in the form and edit/save the form they keep their values! This does not happen to other normal text based fields in the form/list.

Has anyone else experienced this behaviour?