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Compare users in the 'assigned to' field against current user (viewing form) to disable a control

Question asked by darren1372 on Nov 26, 2015
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Hi, wonder if someone can help with this NIntex Forms solution/scenario.

I am using a native SharePoint task list. In the first instance a task gets assigned to a SharePoint group, so the 'assigned to' field is displaying the group as opposed to the indviudal users.

I need to achieve the following:
I have a field that holds the current user.I need to check that the assigned to field contains the current user. If not, disable the control.

The reason for this is, because on first instance the task gets assigned to all the members of the group and the control should be enabled. Then, when a indvidual member assigns their self the task, takes ownership, the assigned to field will change to them and the current user, if not them, will not be contained in the assigned to field, so the control/task complete button will be disabled. "Cannot complete task as not assigned to you."


I believe I will need to get the assigned to field to show indvidual users as opposed to the group name to do the compare? I don't want to expand groups so each person of the group gets an indvidual task, should be one task sent to all.

So, first question: how to get the assigned to field to show all the users, when assigned to a group, but a single task?


Next part of the question/solution, how do I then compare the assigned to field contains the current user field? I was thinking of using contains runtime action/formula?

Some example of how to do this would be appreciated.

Or any other way to achieve the above?

I know I can use formula is member of a group but this will not help when curernt user is a member of the group and I want to disable the control for him/her when an indvidual has taken ownership of the task -second scenario.