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Create item feature to feed a Sharepoint calendar using infopath set to merge repeating table entries.

Question asked by fred.weidle on Nov 25, 2015
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Hi..   Thanks for taking the time to read my problem.


I am using the create item feature (Nintex) to automatically feed a SharePoint calendar after its approved by management. The source is an InfoPath form that uses repeating tables to allow multiple types of leave to be selected.  I have the field promoted and set at merge which brings over each type, date, and totals perfectly to the library.  After approval I have Nintex feed the calendar to show employees on leave on the calendar.  Works great if only one type of leave is selected.  If 2 or more are selected I get errors related to input.


Sounds like Nintex doesn't know how to provide to SharePoint multiple fields.  Or is it I need to configure SharePoint to accept repeating fields?  Maybe this just isn't possible and I will have to turn this feature off.  I do appreciate any comments or guidance.  Thank you all....