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Attachment saving issue

Question asked by tbeduneau Champion on Nov 25, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2015 by sshostak

Hi all,


a strange behaviour appeared to me on a Nintex 365 Form, that I can't explain :

- I have a SharePoint list with 13 people fields

- I create a new item with native SharePoint form and attach a file --> OK, file is saved on new item

- I use NINTEX to create the form, with the 13 people controls and an attachment control --> On saving, attachment is lost.

- I remove 12 of my 13 people controls, keeping only one --> On saving, attachment is lost

- I remove every people controls --> On saving, attachment is saved OK

- I manually put my 13 connected people control again --> On saving, attachment works well !!


It seems like automatically added people control creates an issue on saving attachments....while manually addind them solve the problem !


I could do this manually, but it means I'll have to rewrite all the rules....