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Migrate SharePoint 2010 workflow to Office 365 (V16)

Question asked by balajircs on Nov 25, 2015
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  We have several site collections and Nintex 2010 workflows running, We'd like to migrate SP 2010 onpremise into O365 with Nintex Workflows. Please guide me how we can migrate Nintex workflow 2010 into O365. Is there is any 3rd party tool support or We have to rebuild the same functionality of Nintex OnPRem 2010 workflow into O365 Nintex workflow. Please find the list of queries below and expecting the reply from Nintex team,


1) What is the procedure to migrate Nintex 2010 onPrem workflow into O365 workflow?


2) Is there is any action / methods / features varied between Nintex onprem and O365 workflow?


3) Is Nintex O365 workflow supports schedule based workflow like timer jobs..Actually, we have some timer jobs and planning to migrate into O365..but timer jobs are not supporting into O365. So we have plan to implement the same kind of functionality in O365 using Nintex O365 workflow. Can we implement it and schedule it? We dont have option to implement the timer jobs using AZure or Console app..


4)  Please share Nintex O365 Plans and pricing cost?