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Nintex forms version - issue with lookup change event

Question asked by on Nov 23, 2015
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we recently updated to Nintex forms version Earlier we were on Nintex forms version we did this upgrade on the dev environment first to check if the existing functionality is working or not. This was as suggested by Nintex tech specialist.

When I tested our very first application I found couple of issues,


1) Lookup control does not work properly when you specify a view name to get the values.

2) This is the most critical one. when the nintex form loads it fires all the javascript behind the form. for. e.g. one of the javascript should have executed on lookup change,

lookup1.change(function () {

lookup2.change(function () {


These functions are getting executed even though i have not selected anything from lookup1 and lookup2.

It looks like upgrading Nintex is kind of a big pain.


does anyone have any clues about the above issues ?