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Nintex workflow status (failed to start)

Question asked by manu_reddy4u on Nov 20, 2015



I had an issue when i updated SP2 and CU on sharepoint farm, everything looks good. But when i start nintex workflows status shows (failed to start).  when i create new test workflow, issue is the same. (when i received nitification i clicked on it.I received the following error below.


Cannot find history for workflow
with instanceId 259a7776-7e97-47e6-a8bb-af175d7dcea5. It may have been removed
from the database.

So ichecked in the nintex workflow management database was upgraded. I also tried NWAdmin.exe -o Upgrade Database -Force. Stll having same issue.

I cannot restore our old database, because we do hold only last 12hrs backups.Can you please suggest to get rid off this.