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How Do I Connect My Nintex Mobile Corporate Account To My Microsoft Account?

Question asked by sam!m on Nov 19, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2015 by sam!m

Ok so I’m very new to Nintex mobile, I have created and activated the account “on premise” and downloaded the App. I went to my SharePoint portal and registered. All in all  everything is working great, while I’m on the company Wi-Fi. When I’m at home, I need to VPN in to use the forms on Nintex mobile app.


Everything I’ve read so far says the work around for this is to connect via your Microsoft account, an option I was given when first registering through the SharePoint but  ignored. Now I don’t know how to connect my MS account to my corporate account as I can no longer get that same option even after deleting my registration and reregistering, I still no longer get redirected to login via MS account. Can anyone assist me with this challenge?