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Workflow Error: Nintex workflow errors during Task creation

Question asked by abhijith.shastry on Nov 19, 2015
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I've developed a simple approval workflow in our SharePoint 2010 site, using a 'Assign Flexi-Task' action. It gives the below error, when it reaches the step of task creation -

Error in task. Cannot find a corresponding human workflow task id for this task.

Workflow error - Capture.JPG


The same error is seen if I use a 'To-do Task' or 'Request Approval' action also. Also, in some cases, it fails to start with the error 'Failed to Start retrying)'. there is neither a specifc error message of what has gone wrong, nor a corelation-id being shown. What could be the reason for such a behavior? Is it an issue from Nintex Workflow/Site-Collection/Content-DB ?



Abhijith Shastry