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Email URL to Item but can only edit a number of fields

Question asked by eclecticmind on Nov 19, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2016 by cazza162

Hi All,


I've built an a workflow thanks to the help of everyone here which contains a link to a item, the item is created by the 1st user and I've set a workflow to email a link to the item to the 2nd user but it opens the same form the 1st user uses to create the item but with all the fields editable.


What i want it to do though is to allow the 1st user to assign the item to a 2nd user and the workflow to automatically send an email to the 2nd user which will contain a URL to that item but only display the 2 fields which aren't shown on the 1st users form and only are only 2 fields editable by the 2nd user which will be a more detailed version of the 1st form?


is this possible?


hopefully the above makes sense