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send email to user from dropdown list

Question asked by eclecticmind on Nov 18, 2015
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Hi There,


I'm in need of some help - i have a list (Main list) which contains a drop-down lookup column from a column in another list (user list), in the user list it has 2 columns: names and email addresses (this is just for me to be able to add new users without changing anything in the main list)


I want to create a Nintex workflow which sends an automated email to the email address of the person from the drop-down list on the main list when a new item gets created and then assign a task to the same user to be able to change the status of the item. (accept/cancel/decline)


The first issue i'm facing is the 'To' address in the configure action option doesn't contain my item properties field (names) in the lookup and i cannot use the initiator option as the item gets created by someone different to that of the user list. The second issue is the assign a task - i haven't got to this point yet as i'm a bit lost.


Any help would be appreciated greatly.


I hope the above makes sense.