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Excel Services > OpenWorkbookFor Editing > Invalid SessionID

Question asked by tolbrich on Nov 18, 2015

Hi community,


I try to update an Excel Workbook via Nintex Workflow 2010. To get started I read Vadim Tabakmans article Nintex Workflow - Updating an Excel Spreadsheet UDA.

Vadim offers to download the UDA (nwf) which is working fine.

The UDA contains 3 major steps:

  1. Open Workbook for Editing and get the SessionID
  2. Update a Cell
  3. Close the workbook using SessionID from step 1

Now I need to implement this functionality in one of my workflows and in step 1 I cannot configure the Call Web Service action to get the SessionID.

I follow Vadims steps to specify elements in Web service output section and I can chose OpenWorkflowForEditingResult from the XML but when I click apply I get the following:


As a result I cannot open the Excel workbook and get the following errors:

  1. Workflow history: Failed to open the Excel Spreadsheet - 'undefined/undefined:m:OpenWorkbookForEditingResult' has an invalid token.
  2. WFE server: Event ID 3270 Invalid SessionID in the request.


Interestingly when I try to change Vadims UDA I get the same "undefined..." message. It is only working when I leave it alone.

I searched the Web but nothing found.

If anybody can help I would appreciate it very much.