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How to determine, if there is a duplicate title on a list?

Question asked by on Nov 17, 2015
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I have 16 identical task lists (1-16) and with identical workflows. Everytime a new item is created in one of the lists, - or an item is edited (not the title, that is not allowed) – the workflow sends a copy to a list 17 in another site.


On this list 17, a new item with the same title is created every time an item on list 1-16 is edited. Therefore, I want to build a workflow on list 17 that can tell me: Every time a new item is created on this list, does the title (from the title field) of that new item already exist on the list? Yes or no?


Seems like piece of cake. But, as a beginner, I have tried af lot of things without any luck. Any help would be appreciated :-)