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Adding link to a column in Nintex form when in Display mode using Jquery

Question asked by pradeepnulu on Nov 18, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2015 by pradeepnulu

I am trying to add a hyperlink to a column value in Nintex form (dispform). On document ready, I am setting the value properly. But, it seems it is getting set before the form is loaded completely. After my script is executed, on the column value, I am seeing 'Loading..' for a flash and the default value is getting displayed. How can I set the value of the column only after the form renders completely?

Here is my code:



//Getting the Column value through Site Column's display name and modifying the value in the adjust label where the actual value is displayed

     var lbl = NWF$('label').filter(function () {
         return NWF$(this).text() === "Site Column1";
     var varLblText = lbl.text();
     lbl.Text = '';
     lbl.append("<span><a href='" + varActlink + "'>" + varLblText + "</a></span>");