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Backup and restore SiteCollection with UDA

Question asked by jackgelo Champion on Nov 18, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2016 by jowe

Hi all,


I'm writing this post just to know if someone else has experienced the same issues and if there are any best practices to do in these case:


I have a site collection in SharePoint Content DB1 mapped with default Nintex DB,


I've done the backup of the site collection and restored it in a new SharePoint Content DB and I've found all my Nintex workflows but not the UDAs that were defined at site collection level.. I've tried also to restore back in the original place but the UDAs were missing also there..


I had a recent export of the UDAs so I've been able to republish them and fix the workflow but..if I hadn't it could be a major issue..


Do you have experienced a similar situation? Otherwise, how could be moved a Site Collection without these issues?