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Ninetex to Set Date (I keep getting close, but no go).

Question asked by teddywilliams87 on Nov 17, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2015 by teddywilliams87

     Hello everyone,


I am trying to show X days until an action is due in one column and X days aging after a release date on a different list. Both of these required a [today] calculation.

I have tried multiple things.


1. The TODAY trick.

To use [today] as part of calculated value you create a column called today. Then do your calculated value (in my case it was [date]-[today]). Then you delete the today column that you created. Voila! So whats the problem? (Today) remains the date created date and does not role UNLESS you update the form (click edit). For instance if I say action due 11/18 and today is 11/15 then it says 3 days until due. On 11/17 if the form has not been edited then it still says 3 days until due.


2. Nintex Workflow for a list. I tried to use the "set field value". Problem is I cannot run the list workflow on schedule to run every night. It requires an action in the list to run.


3. Nintex Workflow for the site. Using the "update item value". The problem is that this requires a "where" action. It is an "equals" and cannot be ran off of a not equals. Alternatively I considered adding a +1 to the "current date", but there is no place there either.


4. Ninetex Workflow for the site to "start workflow" but my list workflow does not appear.


So I am running out of ideas for ingenuity, Any thoughts?