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Attachment Control for Task Forms - Bottleneck

Question asked by vamsid on Nov 17, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2015 by vamsid

Attachment control in task forms has become a bottle-neck in recent project for me and below is why.


One of the strong feature of Nintex workflow is the integration of Nintex Forms and the control workflow ( business process ) has over forms when compared to InfoPath forms being in sync with workflow step. I like the fact that the end user can update the List Item from task form and also finish the task at the same time ( Love Flexi task !! ) but the fact that Nintex doesn't allow the add an attachment to the list item using tasks forms puts me in a tough spot while designing solutions as I can provide just one form per task and set the new standards for all the applications except if they have a task to upload the attachment then the user has to attach the document and later finish updating the task.


There are multiple solution over the internet ( UDAs , Copy Item to Library..etc) I personally think that these options are overkill. I would request Nintex product to fix this in the next release ( Christmas gift from Nintex )


Nintex fundamental tag line is workflow for everyone and this makes it questionable as this is quite basic and reasonable to expect and I hope Nintex fixes this soon.


I would love to hears others thoughts who faced similar challenge