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Request approval sent to a shared mailbox states user not authorized even though they are included in an "approval group" that's assigned as well.

Question asked by draiko913 on Nov 16, 2015
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I have a shared mailbox that 5 people have access to.  In one of my workflows, I am attempting to send the approval to the shared mailbox because only 1 person needs to review and approve/reject the request on behalf of the group.  I tried originally sending the request to the shared email's address but I get the message that I'm not authorized to approve the request.  Next, I turned on lazy approval hoping I could just reply from the shared mailbox instead.  This also did not work since it knows that I am am the one sending the reply, not the mailbox "user" itself.


So I then created, based on another question on this site, a group that has the 5 people.  This also happens to be the owners of our sharepoint site, so they have full control for permissions.  In the approval task, I added the shared email box as one approver and the new group as the other approver.  To avoid getting duplicate emails to our individual emails and to the shared mailbox, I set the email notification to go only to the shared mailbox and selected none for the notification for the new group.


Now my problem is that if I click on the link that goes to our shared mailbox, it's telling me that I'm not authorized to approve this request.  However, if I go to the outstanding workflow tasks and click on the one that went to the group, then it's giving me the option to approve/decline as I would expect.  Is there some way to make it so that when I click the link in the shared mailbox email, that it'll recognize I'm part of the approval group?  I'd like to avoid sending any notifications outside of the shared mailbox so that we are not getting a lot of extra emails going around since this workflow could have fairly high volume going through it.