Bug IDs found in Release Notes changed to links

Discussion created by sdamrath on Nov 12, 2015

The Release notes have improved over the years and at least now there is more information, but it is still missing the mark a little.  Similar to my last Discussion post, when a customer submits a bug to Nintex, depending on your support package, you may never hear another thing about it.  I've submitted several bugs over the years and I think a few have been resolved and put into releases, but without submitting requests (ie more tickets) I don't know.


Now that Nintex has provide it's Nintex Customer Portal there is an avenue to get some information, and this is indeed great news.


What I'm proposing here is that in the Release notes where Nintex provides a Bug ID at the end of the simple description of the bug, that ID should be a link.  That link should take the user to a page where there is a more thorough description of what caused or triggered the bug, what it affected, what reported resolved case numbers were associated to the bug and more.


"Corrected an issue with a disable "End Workflow" action that caused a workflow to behave unexpectedly (25104)"   


Make the 25104 a link to more data.