A method by which to review your Case number to see if it has been resolved and in which release.

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I believe my company is one of the earlier adopters of Nintex Workflow, and in late 2012, when learning how to use the tool my colleague and I found many issues.  So over the years we've submitted our bugs and then . . . . .


That's the point, we never ever learn what happened with our particular bug, now recently Nintex has release the Nintex Customer Portal, but it's primarily meant for System admins to be the main point of contact.


I would rather see a page on the forums where a user can enter a case number and get a status and a release version it's in.  If you're not logged in all you can see is a status and maybe a resolution, but no identifying info.  If logged in, then you can see more information the submitter's info if you are the submitter.