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Nintex Form, creation/edition link problem

Question asked by jonister on Nov 12, 2015



I followed the steps described here to made my Nintex Form multi-step above and i have one small problem. I explain :


I use a Workflow to send a task to complete a Nintex Form using mutli steps. When i receive my invitation by email, i have two links : one for Creation (create the form) and one for Edition (if you have not finish to complete your form, you can access again by clicking on it).


My purpose is that i want to use only one link instead of two, a link that automatically create and display Nintex Form in Edit Mode instead of using two links : one for Creation and one for Modification. I tried to only use the Edit Form Link but it doesn't work. It only display some contents (image, text) but not the form.


Do you think it's possible to use only one link but for two actions (create, edit) ?




Jo Dclx