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Detect current Language, retrieve LCID of current User, Workflow User defined Action?

Question asked by schneika on Nov 12, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2015 by fhunth


i have the requirement to retrieve the Language Local ID (LCID) of the current User in a NINTEX Workflow-Variable to trigger the language of E-Mail-Workflow-Notifications in NINTEX Workflow 2013 Enterprise.


With Javascript I can detect the LCID with that:

script type="text/javascript">

var lcid =_spPageContextInfo.currentLanguage;

alert("Language Local ID LCID: " + (lcid)); </script>


LCID delivers 1031 for german or 1033 for english


But how can I accomplishe this with a NINTEX Workflow Action?


Is there any way to detect the language of the browser (current user) with NINTEX workflow Action?