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Save a form when a field is filled in but keep the form open

Question asked by rsorrell on Nov 13, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2015 by kkittinger

I would like to save the form in the background and keep the form open so that the user can continue to fill it out.


I want to do this so that a workflow can run on a new item to create a folder in a document library based on the value of the field.


I will then set the value of a link on the form to the folder so that when the user clicks on the link that the folder will open and allow them to upload or view existing documents.


I do not want to store the documents on the form as some can be quite large and I also need to set permissions on some of the documents.  So by creating a supporting documents library and a folder for each form it allows me more flexibility.


I have done this before using InfoPath but want to do it now in Nintex forms.


Note:  you have to create a workflow to clean up if the user does not create the form but cancels.