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Showing Repeating Table Data in Two areas on a Form

Question asked by kkittinger on Nov 10, 2015
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Hi Community,


Does anyone know if it is possible to have a user fill out a repeating section in one part of the form and have the data also show up in another part of the form.


For Example you have a Purchasing Part on your form where the user can enter the items and cost of the item. Then on a summary page for the form that data is show along with any other data the user had to fill out in the form for them to confirm/see a summary before submitting the from.


Here are the Three Tabs on the Form

ex headers.PNG


Grant Information Area

Repeating Ex.PNG


Grant Summary



If have any question please ask because would like to get some insight for this as a few other ways that have played with mess up the layout of the form from what the client wants.


Thanks for any suggestions and answers that are given,