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Custom JavaScript Includes not loading without Nintex Forms Web Part

Question asked by p.mujumdar on Nov 9, 2015
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I am using Nintex forms for Office 365 version

I am trying to put all my JS code into a .js file and include that file in 'Custom JavaScript Includes' sections of the 'Form Settings' so that I can call the javascript functions on click of form buttons.

I have put the JS file in the 'Site Assets > JavaScripts' folder on the same site as the list and included the full path into the 'Custom JavaScript Includes' sections of the 'Form Settings'.

However, when I include the JS file, it doesn't take effect unless I use Nintex Forms web part. If I click on 'new item' or 'edit item' links from the List, it loads the form but doesn't load the JS. When I look into network traffic, I see HTTP 302 for the JS file but response body is empty which obviously leads to no JS code executing.

On the other hand, I have a page that I am using to create new item for which I am using Nintex Forms web part which is connected to the same list. When this page loads, the JS gets loaded (I see HTTP 304 in this case) and executes the JavaScript code.

I tried giving the all permissions to Site Assets folder but it didn't help.


This issue is not just with JS files but also with images. For images, the src remains empty in the rendered HTML if I refer to an image placed in Site Assets folder.


I am suspecting if this is some permissions issue with Nintex forms app setup since I have another Office 365 installation where I see custom JS files loading and executing with New / Edit forms without having to use Nintex forms web part in a separate page.