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Nintex forms : default option for recalculate when new/editing for calculated values

Question asked by al_figeas on Nov 10, 2015
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We are currently using Nintex Forms v2.2.1.0 and we are planning to install version (latest available in french).

When doing tests, I noticed a very big problem (for us) introduced with version : "Choose whether Calculated Values and Form Variables should be recalculated when the form is in New or in Edit mode. (View mode previously supported.)".

For those options, default value is "No", so calculated fields are no more updated in "new" or "edit" mode.

That means all forms we made using calculated fields must be reedited to have the same functionality as with version


Questions :

- Is there a way to set those options to yes by default (event if a reinstallation of Nintex forms is required).

- If no, is there an easy way to update those options in all existings forms (like a sql request).

- Why "No" was choose as default option instead of "Yes". With "yes", retrocompatibility would be no problem ?

- Bonus question : when do you plan a translated version of version ? Version was release in July and no translation was available before ?


Thanks. Greatings.