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Select list in "Update Item" dynamically

Question asked by asunayak on Nov 7, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2016 by tolbrich

I am developing a Nintex Site workflow to find delayed list items(due date <= today) from multiple lists (>10) and mail them to concerned user. Each list has a column "NumberOfEscalationMails" which keeps the count of how many reminder mails have been sent. I get the delayed items using ListId variable in 'Query List'. Everything in my workflow works fine till sending mail. But the problem is after sending mail I need to increment the value in column "NumberOfEscalationMails" for each delayed item. But in 'Update Item' action there is no provision to get the list in which I have to update on basis of "List ID". It only provides a dropdown with list name. But I have to choose list dynamically (using the collection with listIds).So I am stuck here at last step! My workflow logic is as follows (Simplified to portions relevant to this question) :


    -- QueryList to get all the listNames and ListIds from a configuration list and store them in WF collection variables.

    -- Foreach loop to iterate through each of above lists.

       -- QueryList Caml query using List ID variable to get all delayed items and store their IDs and Titles in collection variables.

       -- Nested Foreach Loop to iterate through all the delayed items found above.

          -- Build the Item URL and mail them to user.

          -- Increment the column "NumberOfEscalationMails" value.(My Problem.)



What should be my approach now?