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Save without closing form

Question asked by barryandersonuk on Nov 5, 2015
Latest reply on May 17, 2018 by rhia

We need the ability to create a save button which doesn't close the form.


I noticed a feature request which was marked as 'early planning' in January 2014: Saving without closing a form – Customer Feedback for Nintex.  We are now at the end of 2015, does anyone know when this is likely to be progressed?  This function is available in Infopath and K2 so it's disappointing to see that Nintex has seemingly forgotten about his feature request.


Short of using SPServices to create/update the list item I can't think of any other approach.  However, while we don't mind using custom javascript the number of columns would make this an onerous task.


I'd appreciate any information or ideas on a possible workaround for this issue.