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Link unrelated sharepoint lists

Question asked by harfmt on Nov 4, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2017 by harfmt

My users want to capture data into a form/s that goes outside of the maximum 276 (text) columns allowable in a sharepoint list. During the workflow, they then want to output all the data captured into a single formatted email. I can only think of the following options, both cause issues that I can't see a solution to.


Option 1:

Break the data into sections and create multiple forms.

Issue: How to link the resultant lists for the single output. How does the workflow know what to look for?


Option 2:

Create repeating sections in a form. Each repeating section would output to a different sharepoint list, which would takes care of the maximum column issue, and the linking issue.

Issue: All forms require attachments associated with every item on the form. And attachments can't be used in a repeating section.