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Fetching an Adding an attachment using Call Web Service action

Question asked by shyamshinde08 on Nov 4, 2015
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Hello All,


I have two workflows, one which Fetches the attachment from a list and the other Adds the attachment to a list. Both use the Call Web Service Action. Both the actions use the same Stored Credential, which has Admin permissions over the Farm.


                    Fetch Attachment                                                                                                                                    



                  Add Attachment


The above actions execute fine on the Test environment, but fails in cases on the Production environment.


Fetch Attachment

During testing I have observed that if the attachment name has special characters like '(' or ')' or '-' etc. it fails to get the attachment and throws an error (401) Unauthorized.


Add Attachment

Similarly, for adding an attachment, if the attachment name has special characters like '(' or ')' or '-' etc. It fails to add the attachment and throws an error (401) Unauthorized.

Also, if you already attached the same attachment and you try to attach it again, it gives the same error.

Is it possible to use AddAttachment web service in Workflow Tasks?


Error Log:


(http:<SITE URL>/_layouts/15/NintexWorkflow/preview.aspx?ListId=3f5ed032-eb26-44fc-9dbf-a01c59d8ff26&ItemId=141&InstanceId=f081fdd8-cc59-420f-a2a6-3994bfbe4703): Nintex.Workflow.NWActionExecutionException: Error returned from server: 401 UNAUTHORIZED ---> System.Net.WebException: The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized. 

at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetResponse() 

at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetResponse() 

at phM=.uxM=.vhM=(yhM= vxM=, String wBM=, SoapVersion wRM=, String whM=, String wxM=, Security xBM=, HttpWebRequest xRM=) 

at phM=.uxM=.vBM=(yhM= vRM=) 

at Nintex.Workflow.Activities.CallWebServiceActivity.Execute(ActivityExecutionContext executionContext) 

at System.Workflow.ComponentModel.ActivityExecutor`1.Execute(T activity, ActivityExecutionContext executionContext) 

at System.Workflow.ComponentModel.ActivityExecutorOperation.Run(IWorkflowCoreRuntime workflowCoreRuntime) 

at System.Workflow.Runtime.Scheduler.Run()     -

-- End of inner exception stack trace --- (Build:3150)


Can anyone help me with this. Is there any configuration that needs to be done on the server to resolve this.

Thanks in Advance.