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How to Use a Column Name as Variable in a Workflow

Question asked by koolgeex on Nov 2, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2015 by waltont

I don't know if this is possible so please let me know. Here's what i'm trying to accomplish.


I have two lists within the same site - List A & List B.


List A contains three columns: Name, Week, Information.

List B contains four columns: Name, Week 11/5/15, Week 11/16/15, Received


A user will come into List A, give their name, select the week (ex. 11/5/15) from a pre-populated drop down menu, and save.


A workflow should then run that does the following:

  1. Find the user's name in List B (a row)
  2. Find the appropriate column date (that matches what the user selected in List A)
  3. Change the value for that row/column intersection to "Received"


Basically if someone submits something in List A, I want to mark them as being compliant in List B.


I understand how to use a collection variable to sort through IDs and assign variables to test BUT i'm wondering how i can get the workflow to recognize what column it should update.


If my users "Week" is stored in the variable weekOf, i need to be able to see which column name it matches.


Is this possible? Is there a way to dynamically pull the column titles of a list and use it in a workflow?