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Nintex Forms: Inform user via Javascript if a licence(date) is expired

Question asked by viktorsvelic on Nov 2, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2015 by viktorsvelic

Dear Community,


I am trying to implement a javascript code, which informs(alert) a user, that a certain date field is expired when the form is opened.


So I assigned a Client-ID called "licence" to this particular date field.

The javascript code in the form looks like this:



  var selectedText = document.getElementById('licence').value;

  var selectedDate = new Date(selectedText);

  var now = new Date();

  if(selectedDate < now){

    alert("Warning: The licence is expired");




Normally I set a Website Workflow to run daily and check if date is expired to send an E-Mail. But in this case the costumer don´t want to get a notification via E-Mail, because it isn´t necessary to know immediatly if it is expired. So i tried this approach using javascript when form is opened from a user.


Sincerely Viktor