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Issue with Sub string

Question asked by arganapa on Nov 2, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2015 by arganapa

Hi All,


I am trying to integrate Nintex with Oracle CRM OnDemand. When a new record gets created in CRM the record will be placed in CRM's Integration Queue and are called as Integration Event Summary, through Nintex Integration workflow actions Query XML and Call Webservices i am able to read Integration Event Summary and store the entire summary as a variable. Now i would want fetch only the Row ID (Short text) from the entire summary. I thought of using Substring function and try to extract the short text (row ID) but ending up with several unusual values that are not there in the summary.


Please let me know if I am using the correct function ? Will there be any issues if there are special characters in the text ? is there any functional to transform the text first and then use substring function ? Also feel free to share if there are any documents around substring..