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Query Approver Comments in Workflow Tasks

Question asked by shaunguyver1987 on Oct 30, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2016 by rebekah.pierce

I have setup a workflow so that it queries the approver comments in the 'Workflow Tasks' list on the same SharePoint site. The workflow then puts this value into a variable called 'vApproverComment', so that it can then be included on a notification e-mail that's sent to the initiator.


The problem I'm facing is that while this works for the first instance of the workflow, I am not able to retrieve any approver comments that are given later on in the workflow.


In the 'Query List' action, I have the following filters:


Workflow Item ID = ID

Workflow List ID = List ID

Workflow Instance ID = Workflow Instance ID


(In the above, the first value in each line is from the Workflow Tasks list, and the second value is from my main list).


I just can't seem to be able to target the approver comment for each FlexiTask, but rather only the first one for the whole workflow.


Any help would be hugely appreciated. I can upload a copy of the workflow if need be.


Thanks all