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Datepicker : Bug focus on IE ! How can I fix it ?

Question asked by zaert on Oct 30, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2015 by zaert

Hello everyone.


As a rooky user of nintex (forms & workflow), I just want to know if you have already met a problem like this with INTERNET EXPLORER ONLY and if you have solution.


In my forms, I put a datepicker linked to calculated value ... but when I select a date, I loose the focus on the datepicker. I don't want it because I need the focus on datepicker after the selection because I set up an event who looks like that : change focus after selection of a date = operation start and display in calculated value


NB : I don't loose the focus on the other explore like chrome or mozilla firefox


If someone can help me, I'm going crazy


NB 2 : I try to implement this following code but it's not work JQuery UI Datepicker IE focus fix | Object Partners