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Change OOTB Nintex Form Labels

Question asked by miketrourad on Oct 30, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2015 by fhunth

Nintex provides a number of pages OOTB that have a number of labels associated to them. Specifically I am trying to alter the DelegationAdd.aspx page. In the page it contains the following code for the "From the beginning of" label.


      <Nintex:SettingConfigurationProperty runat="server" fieldTitleResourceKey="ApplicationPages_Delegation_FromBeginningOf" RequiredField="true">


          <Nintex:DateTimeControl runat="server" ID="dateStart" IsRequiredField="true" DateOnly="True">






I am assuming this is coming from somewhere in the database. I would like to alter it to say "Start Date" which is more intuitive along with changing other labels on other pages.


Where does Nintex store the text for these labels if they store them in the database?


Mike Trouard