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Workflow with conditional start is re-starting after completion

Question asked by shaunguyver1987 on Oct 30, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2017 by shaunguyver1987

I have workflow that is working well, with about a dozen flexi tasks and half a dozen branches. I have tested it thoroughly, and for some reason it sometimes re-starts the workflow when the workflow completes. This only happens for some items, not for all.


The workflow is set to start on a condition - this condition is that a certain field contains the word 'submitted', which is triggered when the user hits the 'submit' button. This was so that I could have 'save' and 'submit' button that saves the item to a SharePoint list and start the workflow (respectively).


I cannot identify what is causing this re-start issue, and I'm becoming a little frustrated (not at the programme, at myself!).


Does anybody have any idea what may be causing this? I can attach the workflow to this thread if someone would be kind enough to look into it.


Thanks all