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How do I work around lack of time comparison?

Question asked by nderiley on Oct 29, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2015 by powersj1

Hi All,

From what I read, Nintex does not compare the time portion of date fields, which is frustrating. My current design is as follows:


A document routes for coordination and has an attribute that contains the day and time that the coordination should end: endDate. 

A site workflow runs that queries for documents whose endDate is <= now.  If true, do something.

The site workflow is scheduled to run daily after business hour.


This design is great in theory because I can extend or shorten the review time as long as I do so before the workflow runs on the current endDate.  The problem I recently encountered, is when SP's timer service has an issue and found that the workflow can run at a time other than it's scheduled end of day run.  This workflow executing early combined with the non-time comparison leads to the coordination on my document ending before it should. 


How can I build in a fail safe for this scenario?