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Workflow Task to Have User Create a Document

Question asked by kkittinger on Oct 29, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2015 by mapeacock

Hi Community,


I need to figure out the best route for having a user create a document from a workflow. Here is the basic process of the workflow:

  1. Item is created
  2. Workflow is fired off
  3. Depending on user selection many things will need to be done
    1. One of which is to create a document
  4. Assign Task to User to Create Document
  5. Document gets created and placed in Document Library
  6. ETC....


So my question is what is the best approach to do this. I was thinking Create a Task Content Type that is the same as the Document, have a Task Form they fill out and then when task item is created just have it create it in the document library that way or is there a way off the actually task that you can have the user fill out a form for the document library that creates the document.


Any insight or suggestions into this would be great as this i first time have attempted something like this within a workflow.