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Using Web request method PUT

Question asked by lehuspohus on Oct 28, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2015 by lehuspohus

Hi there! I'm using Nintex Workflow 2013 to send web requests to remote system.

When i send GET\POST request, all seems worked fine. But when i try to use "Other" web methods, trouble arises.


I'm adding action "Web request", in "method" option choosing Other, then typing "PUT" into field.

And then i'm add headers that i need: Content-Type and Content-Length with appropriate values (without this my remote system responds "forbidden" and it's ok, already tested with Fiddler).

When i try to test this in "Play now" window, error appears: "The content-type header must be modified using appropriate property or method."


That statement looks like not Nintex-intended issue but common WebHeaderCollection class\HttpRequestHeader issue. I'm already know that some common headers are considered restricted and are either exposed directly by the API (including mine Content-Type) or protected by the system and cannot be changed.


And i suppose, that Nintex adds default headers and does not allow change that headers with my interface, right?


Screenshot from "Play now" below (!i've deleted URL and Content parameters manually only for screenshot after testing!)