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Workflow Designer not loading menus

Question asked by stuartmiller on Oct 28, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2016 by anil.korukonda

When I open the workflow designer, most actions I try to configure either don't load the ribbon interface (or any variables that are available) and cannot be saved, or it takes minutes and sometimes a page refresh before they become available.  Here is what I'm observing:


  • When Configuring actions, the menu remains grayed out, prior saved values and workflow variables don't load, and changes cannot be saved
  • The page does not load enough to scroll down
  • Eventually, these items may load--sometimes it requires a page refresh, or automatically tries to refresh and prompts me with a question of whether I want to leave the page or stay on the page; after this, the situation corrects for one configuration screen
  • Even after one configuration is made and saved, opening another item now produces the original problem again


Here are system data and what I have investigated:

  • Nintex Workflow 2013 Trial version (Standard) running on SP2013 with Project Server (but NOT Nintex Workflow for Project Server)
  • IE9, with same problems whether running in IE8 or IE9 compatibility mode (via Developer Dashboard); Chrome and Firefox load menus but don't save, and yes, I realize that those browsers are not supported for on-premises workflow design
  • I have restarted the browser, restarted the computer, and had a different user try it on a different computer -- no one has yet experienced proper functioning (it's a newly installed Trial prior to the client purchasing the product)
  • I have deactivated and reactivated all Nintex and Workflow features


I am attempting to get access to IE10 or later to test, but having used Nintex extensively for years in other environments and not encountering this before on similarly old versions of IE, I'm not sure the browser is going to be my fix (even though it's one of only two ideas I have right now for what could be the problem).  My other thought is that perhaps having Project Server running on the farm is screwing things up, and we either need a trial of the full Nintex version that uses Project Server, or the Trial itself has a glitch.  We don't really need the functionality of anything other than Nintex Workflow Standard, so I hope that's not the problem.


Thank you for any help.