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Start a Workflow Action Error

Question asked by on Oct 28, 2015
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There seems to be a bug with the Start a Workflow action in Office 365 when starting a workflow that is 'saved' and not 'published'.


We have a first workflow that starts a second workflow (that has previously been published), but when the second workflow is updated and saved but not published, it doesn't start and gives the following error:


'List workflow' named '[Second workflow]' does not exist.


The workflow does exist, but just isn't published. However, when you manually start it, it works fine and starts the last published version of the workflow.


I encountered this issue when updating the second workflow on a clients live environment, where I made updates and saved the workflow and didn't publish until the end of the day, but any forms created during the time that the second workflow wasn't published encountered this bug.


Has anyone else come across this before? And is there a workaround?


I believe this is a bug as I would have thought the Start a Workflow would work in the same way as starting it manually when it's not published.